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Class Card expiration date extension policy (cause life happens)
Okay this has totally happened to all of us.... you get your class card, have your schedule all planned out- and then a huge project hits at work, one or two too much fun nights out happen (which can totally mess up a great am yoga plan), and all of a sudden your class card is about to expire and you have four classes left! Shambhala is now offering a way to extend your expiration dates on your card. Just talk to the instructor BEFORE your card expires and you can extend your class card in the following ways:
  • If you have a five or ten class card, you can pay $10 for a two week expiration extension
  • If you have a monthly unlimited, you can pay $10 for a week expiration extension
Of course it still stands that if there are extenuating circumstances such as death in the family, illness or injury no fees are applied and extensions will be given. Please contact Shannon through email to ask for this type of extension.

  5 Class Card $70 (2 month expiration)   3 classes $30 (3 week expiration)
  10 Class Card $130 (3 month expiration)    
  Unlimited Monthly $140      
Credit Cards accepted (Visa & Mastercard)
Private sessions available by appointment